OSARE v.0.05

OSARE version 0.05 is now up.

  • Added map transitions
  • Added a starter dungeon with three wings named Averguard Hold (click for map)
  • Added support for hex or dec map data format
  • Changed definition files to use = instead of :
  • Upgraded zombie steering AI. They now pursue to where they last saw the hero.
  • Started refactoring to prepare for more monster varieties
  • EnemyManager now holds enemy sound effects, so that we only load one copy of each
  • I now use Tiled 0.4.1 to edit map layers
  • Reminder: use the command-line argument -f (or –fullscreen) to play in fullscreen mode.
  • Changed the tileset to use magic pink as the transparency and removed the tileset alpha layer. This should improve performance on most systems.
  • Note to self: in GIMP set Alpha Threshold to 32, then remove the alpha channel onto magic pink.



I’m gathering my resource files (especially the Blender and Tiled files) for a new download archive. Also soon I’ll be putting stuff into Google Code for easy perusal and tracking.


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