Editing OSARE Maps with Tiled

I’m using Tiled to do most of my OSARE map editing. Here’s how my current process works:

  • I have specially-made tileset images for Tiled. The indexes for those correspond to the OSARE tilesets.
  • I edit background, object, and collision layers in Tiled.
  • In Tiled 0.4.1 I use the “Store tile layer data as: CSV”
  • I use a text editor to copy the three csv sections from the .tmx file into my OSARE map files
  • Currently I still create the headers, events, and enemies in a regular text editor. I use Tiled’s status bar to get my cursor location to get placement for events and enemies.
  • Note that the Tiled tileset isn’t a perfect copy of OSARE’s tileset. I left it brighter to be easier to see when editing. Also some irregular shaped tiled are cropped to work in Tiled.

There are two types of collision tiles. Empty (0) is no collision. Red (1) is full collision which blocks movement, sight, spells, arrows, etc. Blue (2) is partial collision that only blocks walking, but sight/spells/arrows/flying is still allowed. Blue is used for low obstacles the player can see over and for water/chasms.



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