Version 0.03 Release

Version 0.03 is up! The core gameplay is starting to emerge.

  • Combat to the death. You can kill zombies and they can kill you.
  • Added combat sound effects.
  • Added a health and mana bar
  • Left-mouse click is now an aimed sword attack (1-key will instead attack the way you’re currently facing)

Although the RPG combat mechanics aren’t in yet (accuracy, dodge, absorption, weapon damage, etc), basic melee values are hardcoded in for this demo. The zombie has a high chance of being crit, along with a satisfying crit death animation and sound. Next to the health/mana bar is a slot for a 32×32 pixel character portrait.

I added a lot of memory cleanup in the class deconstructors. Please let me know if you encounter a game crash on exit.

One user has reported it doesn’t work under Vista (hard lock, requires reboot). It works on my XP and Win7 systems. I’m compiling the Windows version with MinGW on XP. If anyone has tips on SDL with Vista please contact me.


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