Version 0.02 Release

Version 0.02 is up! Things are finally starting to get interesting.

  • Re-rendered all assets using Blender’s CatRom AA setting. The result is much sharper.
  • Added SDL_mixer support and background music by Remaxim
  • Added the bare bones for the Action Bar
  • Set Action Bar slot 1 to melee attack (no customization yet)
  • Added (much hardcode) a basic zombie creature. The zombie will pursue and try to melee attack.
  • Bug: fixed an issue in the Collider class with a variable not initialized

Although the hero and zombie can try to attack each other, I haven’t yet implemented the attack collisions, damage, dying, etc. That will probably come in 0.03. Zombies make a great starting creature because it’s okay if their AI is oversimplistic. This zombie will pursue if in range, stop once it gets to melee range, and try to melee attack. After some melee attacks it will try to bite. The current zombie gets stuck behind walls a bit too easy. Right now he chases the player directly and can basically see through walls; in 0.03 he will not see through walls and pursue the spot where he last saw the player. This will make his pathing appear slightly more intelligent, but still as unintelligent as a Walking Dead should be.

The other major addition is background music. In the map.txt file you’ll see a line that says music: dungeon_theme.ogg. If you want to hear remaxim’s other tunes in game, change that .ogg file to one of the other songs included in the music folder.



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