Flare 1.11 is now available for download. Not much in this release, but players now have access to both private and shared stashes. Permadeath characters will of course only have access to their private stash.




Engine features

  • Players now have their own private stash in addition to the shared stash.
  • Expanded the ‘no_stash’ Item variable to account for having multiple stashes.

Engine fixes

  • Fix bug where items could be dragged from the vendor window and dropped in the opposite vendor tab.
  • Fix bug that caused item max_quantity to be reset when attempting to append an item definition.
  • Fix bug where Powers with ‘replace_by_effect’ would still use properties from the parent power, such as animation state.

Game updates

  • Items that couldn’t be stashed in the last update can now be put in the private stash.
  • Salted Field: moved chest to the south end of the map to prevent easy farming.

Translation updates

  • Belarusian (be) update (Zmicer Turok)
  • German (de) update (Wuzzy2)
  • Hungarian (hu) by bzt
  • Ukranian (uk) update (Igor Paliychuk)
Flare 1.11

3 thoughts on “Flare 1.11

  • December 30, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    You are doing good work. The Game is visually beautiful without being crowded. Story line is interesting. Audio Effects are interesting and sound as though careful thought and effort were put into them. No part of the game flow feels as though the programming was hurried or treated negligently.
    Very thoughtful, very carefully done. Well worth the time a player spends learning the game and exploring its spaces.

  • March 29, 2020 at 4:03 am

    Hello there! ^_^
    Thank you so much for this great game project! Enjoy it a lot…. BUT! 😀
    I admit to not having read all of the documentation yet and I´m only say three hours into the game, there are a couple of rather grave grievances I would like to ask about:

    – Will there be a version (or is there a button that I haven’t found?) that keeps the slayn monsters from resurrecting? Areas that the player has “cleared” should stay that way, I find…

    – Quests! Those need fixing, pls! A more strict line of events and clearer story would add to the fun immensely. I have found a quest item (some necklace, I think…) that even disappeared on me before I found out whom to bring it to….twice! 😀 Maybe a more “dummy approach” as to who I MUST talk to might help? I remember a game where quest-ladden NPCs had a shiny symbol upon them, indicating they need to be talked to….. just saying 😉

    Other than that…. TOP Job, Sir/Team!
    Thanks again for the game!

  • March 29, 2020 at 4:18 am

    Holy Cow! I’m playing 1.0 !!
    Promise to update ASAP!
    Greetings 😉


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