It’s been over 4 years since Flare 0.19 was released. Finally, Flare 1.0 and the new Empyrean Campaign are finished and ready for download!




 Mac OS


Engine changes

  • Add dependency checking and metadata to mods; remove –game command line flag (Justin Jacobs)
  • Engine and mod version checking. Mods can require specific engine & dependency versions. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add –mods command line option. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Allow mod files to “append” their contents instead of replacing the target file (Justin Jacobs)
  • Print filename & line number when file parsing errors occur (Justin Jacobs)
  • Switch to using SDL 2 (Justin Jacobs)
  • Refactored rendering system to support alternate backends (Henrik Andersson, Igor Paliychuk, Justin Jacobs)
  • Implement automatic frame skipping for slow systems (Justin Jacobs)
  • Refactor animation system to support higher framerates (Justin Jacobs)
  • Change default maximum framerate to 60 FPS (Justin Jacobs)
  • Resizable game window (Justin Jacobs)
  • Scaled rendering that always fills the window (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add –renderer command line flag (Justin Jacobs)
  • Fix engine failing to read fast inputs (Andrew Engelbrect)
  • Joystick buttons can be re-mapped (Justin Jacobs)
  • Allow mapping of joystick axes (Justin Jacobs)
  • Support binding all mouse buttons (Justin Jacobs)
  • Log console message to file (Justin Jacobs)
  • Warn when trying to run multiple instances of Flare (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add –help and –version command line flags (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add developer console and HUD (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add book GUI (Igor Paliychuk)
  • Add GUI for selecting quantity when shift-clicking on items (Justin Jacobs)
  • Refactor configuration menu code to support alternative platforms (Justin Jacobs)
  • Improved pause menu with volume sliders. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Support adding a background image to the minimap. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Don’t autopickup items dropped by the player (Justin Jacobs)
  • Allow multiple items to drop at the same time (Justin Jacobs)
  • Missing items due to mod configuration are now marked as “Unknown Item” (Justin Jacobs)
  • Smoother movement around 1×1 tile objects (Justin Jacobs)
  • Map rendering performance improvements (Stefan Beller)
  • Enemies can wander randomly when not in combat (Justin Jacobs)
  • Better support for using targeted powers when right-clicking on action bar icons (Justin Jacobs)
  • Implement action queue, allowing potions to be used while attacking (Justin Jacobs)
  • Added configuration option to always show HP/MP/XP bar text. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add option to hide loot labels; show them by pressing ALT (Justin Jacobs)
  • Prevent loot labels from overlapping each other. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Refactor AI power system to support unlimited powers instead of just four (Justin Jacobs)
  • Display bonuses in power tooltips (Justin Jacobs)
  • Allow more than 4 save slots (Justin Jacobs)
  • Enemy minions can now receive party buffs. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add option to automatically equip items (Justin Jacobs)
  • The last HUD log message is now displayed on top of open menus that might have previously obscured them. (Justin Jacobs)
  • “Repeater” powers no longer hit the same target multiple times. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Status effect icons now have tooltips to show effect name and duration. (Justin Jacobs)
  • More varied enemy movement patterns with the addition of random fleeing (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add subtitle support. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Usability improvements to WidgetInput. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Interpolate camera movement during intermap/power teleporting. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Added in-game timer, display time played on load game screen and pause menu. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Events can now be run from “script” files. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add “static” activation type to map events. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Mouse cursor modding support (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add ability to save game through Events (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add Event property to teleport to a random map from a list of maps (Justin Jacobs)
  • Allow equipped items to disable other equipment slots (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add support for loot table files (Justin Jacobs)
  • Randomized item drops and trader inventories via loot tables (Justin Jacobs)
  • Allow powers to spawn loot (Justin Jacobs)
  • Added knockback effect (Justin Jacobs)
  • New stats: Missile Reflect Chance, Damage Reflection (Justin Jacobs)
  • Allow powers to have no effect on targets with different movement types (Justin Jacobs)
  • Added ability for hazards to move relative to the caster (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add Power option to have caster “charge” forward/backward in a straight line (Justin Jacobs)
  • Support miss & “overhit” damage multipliers. (Justin Jacobs)
  • The primary stats (Physical, Mental, etc) can now be defined in a mod file. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Damage types (Melee, Ranged, Mental) can now be defined in a mod file. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Support grouping active effect icons. (DoKel)
  • Add “wall_reflect” option for powers. (Clint Bellanger)
  • Add support for changing attack animation speed. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add “color_mod”, “alpha_mod”, and “blend_mode” options to animations. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add parallax map backgrounds/foregrounds. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add support for map background color as used in Tiled. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Icons can now be loaded from multiple image files. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Added “movie credits”-style scrolling to cutscenes. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Cutscene improvements: music support and individual scaling of graphics. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Support for background artwork in main menus (Justin Jacobs)
  • Vendor buyback can now be stored per-NPC across sessions (Justin Jacobs)
  • Add MapSaver API (Igor Paliychuk)
  • Several new properties for powers, effects, events, etc. I forgot to list here to support new game content. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Mod syntax improvements; generated wiki page defining mod files (everyone)
  • MANY small bug, crash, and static analysis fixes (everyone)

New Ports

  • Android port (Igor Paliychuk)
  • Emscripten port (Justin Jacobs)

Translation Updates

  • Scottish Gaelic (gd) update (GunChleoc)
  • Galician (gl) update (Adrián Chaves Fernández)
  • German (de) update (Janet Hunt)
  • Italian (it) update (Jeffry84)
  • Japanese (jp) update (Paul Wortmann, sujiniku)
  • Norwegian (nb) update (Hans Joachim Desserud)
  • Polish (pl) update (Pawonashi)
  • Portuguese (pt) translation (Phillippe Caetano)
  • Russian (ru) update (Sergey Basalaev)
  • Swedish (sv) update (Henrik Andersson)

Game changes

  • Entirely new game to replace the alpha demo, the Empyrean Campaign!
Flare 1.0

12 thoughts on “Flare 1.0

  • March 13, 2018 at 5:17 am

    Have been following FLARE progress since 2010 maybe ( I remember FLARE was called OSARE back then ).
    It’s always been inspirational – to see gradual improvements in code, art and other content, to see how initial rough versions evolve into a finished and polished game.
    Reaching v 1.0 is important milestone and I’m glad you’ve made it!
    Good luck with your future development!

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  • March 13, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    Congratulations guys! I remember following the flare progress a couple of years ago, and I am really happy to see that the version 1 was finally released!

  • March 14, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Cool! Big fan of your work!

  • March 14, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Many Thanks for the game. I look every week to for news around the game, good to see this new release 🙂 I will play it on my Raspberry Pi 3.

  • March 14, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Very good, will play it on weekend. It’s my pleasure.
    Thx to all people how as worked on this game

  • March 19, 2018 at 11:00 am

    Awesome! I had always been a bit afraid of this project becoming deprecated at some time – happened to so many other open source games. And I am very happy to see I have been just wrong 🙂

    I have regularly followed FLARE development in the last years and played git version whenever new content was added. Probably should have provided more feedback, but there had never been much to complain about. To summarize it, thank you so much and keep up the good job!

    Spend the weekend with a Brute run, Empyrean Campaign playthrough (including Halls of Infinity once) in approx. 10 hours. Replayed a few levels for an intentional level up, revisited traders quite often to get better gear and died 4 times because of not paying full attention to my health bar. I do not know if it was because I had been lucky with rings increasing chances to find items in this run, but never had to buy a potion and fought end boss with 4 full stacks (100) of each?! Encountered no bugs.

    That said, I would not consider the campaign to be remarkable easy. Being familiar with game mechanics, timings and maps this no flipping idea how many times playthrough is pretty close to the minimum playing time to expect from the Empyrean Campaign if not intentionally going for a speed run. Nevertheless, this was my very first, now finally possible, complete playthrough and it was great! Thank you!

    • April 25, 2018 at 12:59 pm

      Not yet, but I’ve been working on new content to extend the Empyrean Campaign. So look for that in the future.

  • August 23, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    Hello! Started playing, thank you, nice game. My mage died a few times because did not see health bar status. Is it made dark red on dark background on purpose?


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