Tile Scales

The new art assets use the more universal scale of 1 tile = 1 square meter. The pixel resolution of tiles depends on how we’re using them. Have a look at these different rendering scales.

Game scale at 256 pixels
Game scale at 128 pixels
Game scale at 64 pixels
Game scale at 32 pixels

The scale of 256 pixels (as in, the base tile size is 256×128) is the upper limit for these new models. This scale could be used for equipment paper dolls, or could serve in a few years as the default size for 4X resolution displays.

128 pixels (the middle one above) is about the right size for our heroine when playing at or near 1080p.

64 pixels is near the size of current Flare alpha assets. This resolution is great for small screens (about 640×480) or low-power machines. If we reused these human models for an RTS game, this would be a good size for regular human units at 1080p.

32 pixels is about the lower limit of these assets. We’d use this scale when porting to 320×240 resolution (or smaller) devices.


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