String files update for bug fixes

Today I approved an update of the translation files related to various bug fixes — our extraction script had some errors, and some engine data wasn’t being properly formatted for translation.

The .pot files were recreated and the .po files for each language merged for these changes.

If you’re actively working on a translation, this may affect your work. Our apologies — we try to avoid this after a string freeze. This doesn’t affect many strings in total. There are a couple ways you can move forward:

  • Send us your .po file and we’ll merge in the updated messages
  • Run a msgmerge on your end with the new pot file
  • Work with the updated .po file and copy your work over

Here is the exact msgmerge command we use:

msgmerge -U --no-wrap <name_of_.po_file> <name_of_.pot_file>

Either way we’re available to help. Drop me an email, or find us on the #flarerpg IRC channel.


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