The Ranger tree got a new power this week: Stealth. We created it by abusing the “transform into a creature” code. It’s a great demonstration of how flexible the game can be just through the data.

While stealthed you can either leave stealth or use a Sneak Attack — a high-crit melee attack: animated gif of stealth and sneak attack on a goblin

Stealth is created as an enemy with unique art and several passive powers that work together. These passive decrease your threat range, decrease your movement speed, and increase your crit chance. Additional passives are used to trigger a countdown stealth timer and to break out of stealth when attacking or attacked.

Dev Lab

I’m working on a new set of maps that I hope to include in v0.18 (and will grow later). These maps are in a new mod called Dev Lab. It’s an in-game tutorial with demo maps to show how to get started with modding. Advanced maps will show interesting ways to use creatures, events, traps, items, and powers to create unique experiences. Edit the Dev Lab maps directly in Tiled to see the code behind all the tutorial demos.

We think these in-game modding tutorials will be more engaging than articles or videos (and those can come later). Hopefully the Dev Lab will help people who enjoy playing Flare get into modding Flare.


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