I’ll be traveling over the next week for holidays. Not sure if I’ll be touching Flare much during that time. I may actually use the down time to think about plot and story for the 1.0 game.

Journey wins IGN Game of the Year

Cross-posting my thoughts on Journey from a reddit discussion.

My girlfriend isn’t a gamer. I’ve only ever seen her play New Super Mario on DS (her kid sister and I both have it). I don’t think she’s even touched a controller with an analog stick before trying Journey. She played through it and loved it. She’s even mentioned wanting to play through it again some day.

I don’t shy away from challenging games (Super Meat Boy, Dark Souls are some of my recent favorites), but I still deeply appreciate how simple Journey is. From a gamedev perspective Journey does a great job of showing possibilities of what video games can be:

  • Good games can be short.
  • Good games can be easy, even playable by non-gamers.
  • Good games can tell a story without using words.
  • Good games can be emotional and beautiful
  • Good games can be peaceful (not using violence as a core mechanic)

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