Character Classes and Titles

Flare doesn’t use a strict class system. On character creation there are five choices for starting class, but these are essentially default ways to buy level 1 equipment, attributes, and powers:

  • Brute: +1 Physical, starts with Dagger and Blood Strike
  • Adept: +1 Mental, starts with Wand and Shock
  • Scout: +1 Offense, starts with Slingshot and Piercing Shot
  • Keeper: +1 Defense, starts with Wooden Buckler and Heal
  • Wanderer: no points spent, starts with extra gold

I’ve intentionally renamed these starting classes to reflect a low level of power. I’ve gone in and created three entire tiers of titles that reflect the power a character gains as she grows.

Attribute Level 1 Level 5 Level 9
Physical Brute Warrior Warlord
Mental Adept Wizard Archwizard
Offense Scout Ranger Sniper
Defense Keeper Paladin Templar
Physical Offense Knave Rogue Assassin
Physical Defense Squire Knight Lord
Mental Offense Slinger Striker Tempest
Mental Defense Shepherd Cleric High Priest
Physical Mental Sparkblade Battle Mage Battle Archmage
Offense Defense Watch Warden High Warden
Other Wanderer Adventurer Hero

In addition there are two end-level titles. At level 12 a hero would have three attributes maxed and receive the title Master. At level 16 a hero would have all four attributes maxed and receive the title Grand Master.


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