Magic Items

We’re working on adding a core set of Magic Items to Flare’s fantasycore data set. The goal is to create unique-feeling items that have distinct names and flavor text. Also we’re expanding the variety of passive bonuses so that there’s not a lot of overlap between items.

v0.18 Engine progress

The main features for v0.18 are near completion. We’ll be adding some more Effect types (see Magic Items above) and cleaning up any bugs we find along the way.

Because of the nature of v0.18’s inventory and item changes, we’re still a long way from having Flare Game data ready for a playable release. The original plan was to get v0.18 out this December. We may go ahead and tag v0.18 on the Engine side and continue working on game content. Some things that need to be done to bring the game back to expected quality:

  • Add loot items to each enemy
  • Replace random map loot with specific loot
  • Add a solid starting set of magic items
  • Rebalance combat damage and absorption numbers
  • Rebalance level-up stats numbers

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