New Icons and Items

I just pushed an update to flare-game that adds new icons and resets the entire items file.

Fair warning: All your delicious loots will disappear if you update from flare-game! This is basically a point-of-no-return for save game files. And expect more disruption to come as we start building final game data.

What’s Changing

The item file has been stripped down to the bare necessities. We’re going to test the most basic items before adding back magical items.

The icon atlas has a new layout. It’s organized according to what I expect we’ll need to finish flare-game and add a bit of variety for modders.

Soon I’ll be adding test Absorb values to the new armor pieces. This will greatly increase the total absorb amount available to heroes. Because of this, we’ll have to also increase damage across the board. It’ll just take some playtesting to see what feels fair and what feels like solid progression.

Slowly we’ll introduce unique magic items. As we do so, we’ll be adding any necessary bonus-handling code to the engine.


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