Mage and Chain

With multiple equipment slots implemented it’s hard not to make new armor styles. I added two essentials: full set for Mage and Chain

male version of the mage robes armor
female version of the mage robes armor
male version of the chain mail armor
female version of the chain mail armor

Each of these, just like the old armors, are now broken into slots: head, chest, hands, legs, feet. Mixing and matching is satisfying; I tried to make the general styles compatible so that any equipment combination looks interesting.

It now takes me about 8 hours to create a new set of armor, start to finish for two genders. That’s in this very low fi style where textures aren’t really needed and the rig is already fully animated.


HadiDev on Reddit asked about how I create the sprite layers and handle z-order. I posted a brief overview of my workflow. One day I’ll have a tutorial on how to make new armor for Flare. I’m still figuring out the process myself!


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