Dungeon Doors

Continuing the theme of updating the really old Dungeon Tile Set.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out a good way (artistically and technically) to mark exits on maps. Since very early version of Flare we’ve been using these boring blue markers. The double doors are much cleaner:

Blue exit markers
Double doors

I designed the doors specifically to work inside maps as well:

Interior doors

There are a lot of technical details behind making these doors play nicely with the tile grid. Here’s a peek under the hood:

Interior doors with grid

The green dots show where the “door tiles” actually exist. Closed doors actually sit on the back edge of the tile — this helps ensure draw order is correct.

For open doors, the doors need to be drawn at the same time as the wall they’re touching for draw order to work. Because we put the doors at the grid corners, we solve this problem by actually making new Wall tiles with open doors attached.

The map event to open double doors will be a bit long (needing to modify 4 tiles and 4 collision markers), but it should look pretty clean to the player. The double doors open both ways, but the doors have to swing open against a wall (avoids collision confusion). Along with the stairs I created recently, the dungeon doors are really rounding out this tile set.


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