Interface Modding

I’m back from vacation! I didn’t have reliable internet access last week, so if I’ve missed an important email please resend. Thanks.

Over the last week the crew has been working at making Flare’s menus highly configurable. We’re working to make the entire interface reskinnable. We’re working on the ability to change the menu art, rearrange or hide elements, and move the menu positions on screen.

We’re taking a solid first attempt at it, but in the future we’ll be refactoring even more code to allow detailed customizations. I want modders to be able to change icon sizes, create more equipment slots, and create full power trees all from config files.

Flare The Game

If you’re a player (and not a modder), the real fun stuff is coming soon. I’m working on some new art assets to fill out the existing core set. Some things I’m putting together now:

  • Trap art (spikes, spinning blades, darts, fire, etc)
  • Teleporter art (waypoints to get to town and back)
  • Improved map transitions (e.g. stairs and doors in the Dungeon tile set instead of the blue planes)
  • New weapons, armors, shields

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