Flare v0.16 Released!

Flare version 0.16 is ready for playing and modding! Originally slated as “Advanced Enemies”, this update actually includes a wide variety of engine updates.

Release Highlights
  • Improved enemy pathfinding, including flying creatures
  • Summon or transform into enemies!
  • Config menu including keybindings, mods, and more
  • Orthogonal map support


Extended Release Notes
  • Code Features
    • A* Pathfinding (Nojan)
    • Enemies now block movement (Clint Bellanger)
    • Enemies, powers, and map events can spawn enemies (Clint Bellanger)
    • Floating Combat Text (Thane Brimhall)
    • New Widgets: tabs, check boxes, scroll bars, sliders, and more (Gallaecio, David Bariod, Justin Jacobs)
    • Config Menu, including keybindings and mods (David Baiod, Justin Jacobs, Igor Paliychuk)
    • Flying Creatures (Clint Bellanger)
    • Patrolling Enemies (Thane Brimhall)
    • Transformation/Shapeshifting into any creature (Igor Paliychuk)
    • Configurable XP per level and per creature (Thane Brimhall)
    • Configurable sell price for items (Justin Jacobs)
    • Orthogonal Map Support (Thane Brimhall)
    • Powers can target neighboring squares (Justin Jacobs)
    • Intramap teleportation events (Clint Bellanger)
    • Optional Permadeath (Thane Brimhall)
    • NPCs can be both Talkers and Vendors (Justin Jacobs)
    • Animated Tiles (Igor Paliychuk)
    • Gold Autopickup (Justin Jacobs)
  • Art Features
    • Widget art via RPG GUI Construction Kit (Lamut)
    • Wyvern art (Clint Bellanger and Justin Nichol)
    • Wyvern sounds (Brandon Morris)
    • Antlion and Zombie summoning animations (Clint Bellanger)
    • New Minotaur animations (Lamut)
    • Cursed Grave creature (Clint Bellanger)
    • Female Merchant Vocals (Holly Daniel)
    • Creepy Forest theme music (Brandon Morris)
    • Ancient Temple map (Clint Bellanger)
    • Full set of Kickstarter portraits (Justin Nichol)
  • Fixes
    • Handle systems without sounds (Justin Jacobs)
    • Joystick handling fixes (Justin Jacobs, Igor Paliychuk)
    • Multi-line gettext support (Gallaecio)
    • Movement around corners (Daniel Santos)
    • Disable unusable powers in the action bar (Daniel Santos)
    • Multiple Event Components per line for Tiled compatibility (Thane Brimhall)
    • Unspent attribute points shown on the Character Menu (Igor Paliychuk)
    • Threat range and entering combat fixes (Justin Jacobs)
    • Close vendor bag when closing inventory (Justin Jacobs)
    • Faster previews on Load Game screen (Justin Jacobs)
    • Isometric Rendering optimizations (Stefan Beller)
    • Misc fixes (AI0867, AMDmi3, CmPons, manuelafm, runtime-x86, matthiaskrgr)
  • Translations
    • French (Morgan Strauss)
    • German (Thomas Glamsch and Chris Oelmueller)
    • Italian (Giovanni Dalla Torre and Andrea Ranaldi)
    • Russian (Sergey Basalaev)
    • Slovak (Miro Jánošík)
    • Ukranian (Igor Paliychuk)
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