Flare v0.16 RC 1

It’s still early in the release process — we have a good amount of game data, art, bug fixes, and translations before actual release. But enough of the core features are there for testing.

Download Flare v0.16 Release Candidate 1

Features to look for in this version:

  • Improved enemy pathfinding
  • Enemies can no longer stack in the same position
  • Hero can no longer move through enemies
  • Flying creatures added (there is one Wyvern in the Plains)
  • Config Menu with plenty of options
  • New portraits during character creation (not all have matching heads yet…)
  • Permadeath option when creating a character (how far can you get?)
  • Floating combat text

There are plenty of other neat features under the hood, but haven’t been put to use yet. Examples: enemies can summon other enemies. Enemies can be spawned from map events. The hero can transform into an enemy and gain their powers temporarily. We’ll try adding some of these before release.

If you find bugs, please submit them to our GitHub issues list.


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