Developer Discussion on v0.16

Flare devs/contributors, time to discuss the upcoming release of v0.16. Let’s put together a TODO list, figure out what can wait until v0.17, and assign remaining tasks.

A note on Wandercall

Wandercall is the name of the 2nd game based on the Flare engine. All the lessons learned will be poured into that game to improve it in every way. Have a peek at this 2X scale art test to see how a Flare-based game could look.

Wandercall won’t just be an art reboot of Flare. We will be spending a lot of time in pre-production with a vertical slice of art and gameplay. The goal is to work out animations, combat mechanics, etc. to make a much smoother and more professional experience. We’ll test adding acceleration to movement and transition animations. We’ll experiment with an active combat system that isn’t just button mashing. We’ll work out combat numbers to make progression feel engaging. We’ll figure out the technical aspects to create more visual armor slots (probably head, chest, hands, feet, plus held items).

We’ll iterate on that vertical slice until we are sure that we can achieve a great game that will shine for years. Once the specs are nailed down we’ll create a deluge of art. We hope that the new quality art will attract highly-skilled artists to flesh out a world’s worth of content.

Flare the Game

Soon we’ll be discussing how to turn Flare’s current content (the “fantasycore” art assets) into a full game. Let’s get v0.16 out the door first.


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