Wyvern data added

Some WIP Wyvern data has been added to Flare’s “fantasycore” mod. It’s not finished, but it’s useful to test the current animations. Try adding a new Wyvern to an existing map to see how they look. Note the “damage” and “death” animations aren’t created yet and there are no sound effects yet.

Creating this Wyvern has taught me a lot, but the most significant lesson: Improving at art is always going to be incremental. Even though I have a ton more experience that went into this model, it’s still just barely better than my previous art. I’m becoming more critical about my use of textures, animations, and lighting. The wyvern definitely needs a real texture, maybe even some trim on the model (spikes/hair/scales).

So the only way I’m going to get my game looking as good as I really want: create new art often. It’s going to be a gradual climb; there’s no shortcut to being good at creating game art.


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