Creature Updates

Every time we add a lot of new content, everything we’ve done as far as balance goes out the window. As time goes on, though, this balance will start to settle into the right groove.

Many of the current monsters are too easy or boring, so I’m doing a small revamp here. Mainly this is needed because the content will be more spread out: rather than cramming levels 1-6 into the same old dungeon+cave, we now want different areas to contain a small window of creatures.

When possible, we want creatures to be unique rather than just having more stats than the last creature. So here’s what we’re trying.


Problem with goblins was they were just too easy. Not scary at all.

  • Goblin (level 1) – just hops around and stabs, more hp than before
  • Goblin Charger (level 2) – runs fast, special attack that causes bleeding
  • Goblin Charger Elite (level 2) – rare and more powerful version
  • Goblin Spearman (level 3) – throws spears, so more dangerous to more players
  • Goblin Spearman Elite (level 3) – rare and more powerful version
  • Goblin Shaman (level 4) – casts shield and shock

Problem with zombies is they didn’t feel like zombies, just walking cannon fodder. Now the low level zombies have a much more devastating bite attack, and the higher level zombies have intimidating abilities.

  • Rotting Zombie (level 1) – more hp than before, small chance to bite for big damage
  • Zombie (level 2) – more hp, much higher chance to bite (possible to one-shot a player)
  • Zombie Brute (level 3) – high hp for its level, fast speed and very fast attack rate
  • Icegrip Zombie (level 4) – melee attack causes the player to be immobilized for 5 seconds
  • Bloodthirsty Zombie (level 5) – melee attack heals the zombie for 50% of dealt damage

The skeletons were decent, just need some number tweaking and maybe some power shifts (e.g. take crossbows away from regular skeletons, place more archers). Eventually the skeletal warrior should block and counterattack; that will make him more interesting in v0.16.

  • Skeleton (level 2) – much more hp, no ranged attack
  • Skeletal Archer (level 3) – generic ranged attack skeleton
  • Skeletal Mage (level 4) – casts ice missile, causes slow
  • Skeletal Warrior (level 5) – high defenses, heavy attacks, armor-piercing special
  • Skeletal Sniper (level 6) – level-appropriate upgrade to Archer
  • Skeletal Occultist (level 7) – level-appropriate upgrade to Mage
  • Skeletal Knight (level 8) – level-appropriate upgrade to Warrior

The spitting antlions were by far the best: their high damage and rate of fire made them always intimidating. We’re going to make the other antlions much more interesting to bring the creature up to a mid-range enemy.

Also we’ll decrease the average HP for their levels, but greatly increase their armor absorption. They will become very weak to fire, ice, or both.

  • Antlion Hatchling (level 3) – mostly dangerous because they’re found in swarms
  • Antlion (level 4) – will get much higher health/damage
  • Antlion Blinker (level 5) – will also spit a poison that stuns the player
  • Antlion Slasher (level 6) – will get a higher rate of attack for poison damage
  • Antlion Spitter (level 7) – ice and fire versions will have tweaked numbers to match other creatures, mostly satisfied with these guys
  • Antlion Burster (level 8) – will self-detonate for insta-kill level damage

Undecided, we’re not using these guys much yet. They’ll be a higher level creature, so we’ll put them to more use once we get more content in.

The Numbers

It’s a bit tricky to spell out the right formula for now. Ideally a creature +2 levels is hard and a creature -2 levels is easy. For now I’m basically doing playtesting to see what vaguely feels right. Once we get a few creatures ready we’ll have updated formulas (e.g. a level X creature should have about Y health).

Maps Updates

Because of all the number shifts, we might have to go back and repopulate old maps with new level-range-appropriate creatures. Also the new maps should be constrained to specific levels. Creatures +/-2 levels are acceptable in small doses (e.g. mini-bosses might be +2 lvl).

  • Frontier Plains – level 1 (mostly goblins, some patches of zombies)
  • River Encampment – level 2 (goblins)
  • Ydrakka Pass – level 3 (goblins early on) and level 6 (antlions in the second half)
  • Goblin Warrens – level 3 (high-end goblins, and ukkonen)
  • Averguard Atrium – level 3
  • Averguard Prison – level 4 (showcase the new zombies)
  • Averguard Academy – level 4 (skeletal mages and warriors, some zombies)
  • Averguard Temple – level 3 (before locked area), level 5 (after lock)
  • Averguard Complex – level 5 (lots of warriors)

We’ll probably detach the antlion caves and move them to a new place. Those will be level 6.

The new Living Bones module will feature level 7 or 8 content.


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