The grasslands are coming along. If you’re playing from the latest github master, you can enable the “frontier” mod to run around the starter outpost village.

Here’s what would be nice to round out the tile set. I have models for about half of these.

tent (done)
boat (done)
wood pile (done)
anvil (done)
fire pit (done)
rocks (done)
cave entrance (done)
mines entrance (done)
ruins entrance (done)
well (existing)
signpost (existing)
lamp post (existing)
stump and axe (existing)
stump no axe (existing)
more trees (existing)

Walking Sounds

I’m going to replace the walking sound effect (currently echoes on wood) with a more neutral effect. I’ll need four similar-sounding effects, maybe something like running in belted leather boots. If you know where I can get such sounds (appropriately licensed) let me know. (UPDATE) I have Brandon Morris on the task.


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