Sprite Scale

I’ve been experimenting with larger scale sprites. Here is the base human male at the current scale (each tile is 1.5m) and the proposed new scale (each tile is 1m).

Human male (old)
Human male (new)

I’ve applied a high quality normal map to the larger version, to show the kind of detail possible with this new scale.

Obviously the larger scale looks great. I’m tempted to start using it immediately. But there are concerns.

  • Better scale images for this genre
  • Higher detail makes equipment choices more visual and interesting
  • 1m scale will have a higher universal appeal
  • I’d like to redo some art anyway (e.g. dungeons), I can do much better now
  • Most of the old art will be unusable and incompatible
  • Any new art will require significantly more time to create
  • If I switch now, there will be delays in delivering an actual game

I will definitely move to this new scale at some point, it’s just a matter of when.



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