Flare v0.14 “Main Menus” Released

This release is all about wrapping the core gameplay in main menus, pushing Flare closer to feature-completeness. Now players have four game slots to experiment with different builds. Also, choose your gender and a portrait for your hero or heroine!


Title Screen added
Load Game Screen added with four game slots
New Game Screen added with choosable portrait and hero name
Title Music by Brandon Morris
Customizeable portraits with matching sprite heads for heroes
Player portrait displayed during NPC conversations
Female heroine option added
Six player portraits added by Justin Nichol
Save and Exit to Main Menu confirmation added by kitano
GameState base class by kitano
Entity base class by kitano
Variable MP cost for spells added by kitano
Animation class added by kitano
WidgetButton generalized by kitano
Arrow and X to show conversation progress added by kitano
Input text widget added by kitano
Clickable map events added by Thane "pennomi" Brimhall
Enemy group random spawning added by Thane "pennomi" Brimhall
Freeze and Multishot code expanded by Thane "pennomi" Brimhall
Damage Multiplier for powers added by Thane "pennomi" Brimhall
Life Steal and Mana Steal for powers added by Thane "pennomi" Brimhall
Power Cooldowns added by Thane "pennomi" Brimhall and wokste
Item bonus to increase base stats added by Alexander Olkhovskiy
Enabled multiple bonuses on items (up to 8)
Joystick support added by Artur "Zear" Rojek
FileParser now used by all data files added by Bonbadil
Added close buttons to several menus
Attempts to use standard *nix directories if available (XDG or $HOME)
Sound effects volume added to settings.txt
Double Buffering option added to settings.txt
Hardware Surfaces option added to settings.txt
Bug Fix: Teleport Scrolls can no longer be used without a target
Bug Fix: Windows mkdir fixed by Paul-Wortmann
Download (v0.14)

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