Windows Ready

Here is a Windows release candidate for v0.14. We have a few more minor data changes but the code is ready for testing.

And here’s the OSX release candidate for v0.14

v0.14 Testing

The current code is the v0.14 candidate. All milestones are now complete.

Over the next couple days we’ll do some testing (especially on various operating systems) to ensure the latest changes work as expected. I’ll put out testing builds for Win and OSX later today.

Meanwhile we’ll do a few data tweaks just before release:

  • Make a final “X” graphic for the conversations menu
  • Convert existing maps to use click hotspots and enemy groups
  • Remove loot crates between the two cave maps
  • Fix collision on the skeletal mage trap in the caves level 1

Windows Woes

I’m working up some fixes for Windows.

  • mkdir() calls are different on Windows, setting up some preprocessor stuff to handle this
  • ItemDatabase.h blows up my MinGW c++ compiler! The item array with the new multiple bonuses is too large. Changing that array to sized at runtime.

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