Officially Moving To GitHub

Flare is taking a distinct change in direction with a move to GitHub. The Google Code page will stay up until v0.14 is released, at least (though it will be increasingly out of date).

I’ve posted a list of code issues to tackle. If you are interested in helping Flare, this is a good place to start. As always, an easy way to contribute is to add some specific feature that you feel is lacking.

I’ve decided to go with a much more community-friendly approach to Flare development than I posted a few weeks ago. Some of those principles still apply, but now I will intentionally be more welcoming to change and new ideas. Already I’ve accepted pull requests for changes I was hesitant about before.

Essentially, this is me admitting that Flare is bigger than just me, and that Flare irrevocably belongs to the community. This isn’t my game, this is our game. With GitHub it is much easier to branch, experiment, and merge. Hopefully this means Flare will improve at an ever-growing pace.


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