Current Questions

Q. Is Flare ready for me to make games?
A. No. The funny part about software development: the first 90% is easy, it’s the second 90% that is tough. Though Flare appears (at the surface) close to basic “feature completeness” it has a lot of work to go. I will have big announcements and tutorials up when certain parts are ready for real content-building. Map-making will probably come first. Keep in mind that you’re watching the Alpha process as it happens; usually players and modders don’t see games until well into Beta.

Q. Why not use OpenGL?
A. The current game runs okay enough without needing that added complexity. But I plan to experiment with it at some point. I’ll also consider using a different library that does basic OpenGL for me (e.g. SDL 1.3 or SFML). As long as the game runs fine without it, OpenGL won’t be a high priority.

Q. What will your game be about?
A. I have some themes in mind: elemental themes (fire vs. ice or wu xing), exploration in dangerous wilderness, ruined civilization, undead plagues, magic outlawed, religious corruption. I don’t have a solid plot picked from those themes yet.

Q. What will your game be called?
A. No idea! Flare is just the engine/internal codename. I’ve been hunting for a good name. If you have suggestions please share them.


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