Tiled and Maps

I’m looking at Tiled’s automapping feature as a way to speed up basic map building. I can set up all the ruleset files for each tile set. For my reference, here’s a much-needed tutorial video on Tiled automapping.

(Update) I checked in a first version of Tiled automapping files for the Dungeon and Cave tile set. It’s very useful for quickly laying out the basic level. Instead of drawing with individual tiles, there is a new layer to draw with only four tiles: Void, Wall, Floor, Pit. Tiled’s Automapping feature translates that to basic tiles.
Example of dungeon automapping

My automapping files aren’t perfect so it requires some touching-up for some corner cases. Some of these cases can be solved as I improve my map rulesets.

The auto-mapper does only one variation. Once the map-maker is satisfied with the basic layout he should delete the automapping layer (“set”) and apply variations and decorations manually.


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