Flare Vision

Loristan asked: “Clint, what is your vision for Flare, what are you trying to ultimately achieve?”

I haven’t thought of Flare in exactly those terms yet. So here goes.

First, a list of big goals in approximate time order.

  1. Implement the minimal number of features to create a simple game
  2. Build enough assets to create a rich game in the medieval/fantasy genre
  3. Release a solid medieval/fantasy game
  4. Begin plans for a new game. Still action/RPG but a different genre most likely.
  5. Refactor the engine code so it works for the new game and for previous games.
  6. Build assets for the new genre
  7. Release a new game
  8. GOTO #4

I plan to keep going until I at least release one game (task #3 above). If I’m not sick of it by then, I’ll continue the cycle of making new games and polishing the engine. As I get tired of code I’ll focus on new assets, and vice versa.

Meanwhile I will help (to some extent) any team that wants to build a game with Flare. This might include helping with art assets or implementing new features.

So the ultimate goal? Release a fantasy action RPG.

Then if I’m not insane yet, maybe, release a zombie survival game (heavy on action, light on RPG). Then if I’m still not insane, maybe, release a steampunk intrigue game (heavy on RPG, light on action). Meanwhile, each step of the way the engine matures into a stable, proven framework that does a few things very well.

If you want to get existential, my vision for Flare is to make something I’m proud of. I’ve been toying with game development for 19 years yet I don’t have a real game I can point to and say “I made that.”

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