Why yet another Diablo-like?

Flare is mentioned in this post about 4 problems with FOSS games. The author says “I’m actually pretty psyched about FLARE, but if I was a Windows user I’d probably be thinking ‘why not just reinstall Diablo?'”

Great question — once that I don’t have a good answer for. It’s a fool’s quest to try to beat or match Blizzard, even the Blizzard of 15 years ago!

I’m doing this because I’m having fun. Writing low-level game code is how my brain spends its spare cycles. And of the genres of game I’m interested in, 2D isometric action RPGs are probably the most interesting/ambitious.

Staying close to the formula is helping keep my engine on track, for what that’s worth. If I’m lucky, someday, people will use Flare to tell their own interesting stories. I don’t even have a storyline in my current plan. I intend to create enough assets and code to make basic storytelling and world-creating possible. The genre is still ripe for potential, even if Diablo was a perfect game.

Flare v0.11 at Free Gamer Blog

I’m always excited when someone at Free Gamer Blog talks about Flare. Thanks for the plug, qudobup!

And some Russian Blizzard fans…

“It’s not Diablo, but it’s also not bad”


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