Random Updates

Fireball (a ranged magic spell cast by some enemies) has new art. I figured out that fire has to be significantly turbulent to register as animated, especially when flying across the screen.

This isn’t something I planned on doing until later, but I added on-hit and wall-hit after effects on spells. Now that’s how Blood Strike creates its blood spurt on hit. Some elemental spells have on-hit and wall-hit sparks. And finally, arrows stick into walls. This actually helps with aiming — sometimes a missile will clip a wall or corner and it wasn’t obvious before. I think the result feels much better and adds a lot of needed polish.

Since I’ve come this far, I want to change the way ammo works on ranged weapons. I want to make ranged weapons have a specific power as ammo. Then I’ll implement slingstone missiles and arrow missiles as separate powers. This should also let me create more powerful-looking missiles for magic bows.


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