Character Creation Screen

Time to lay down my ideas about a character creation screen.

Because of OSARE’s classless system, the Character Creation screen is mostly for cosmetics.

So the choices at Character Creation are:

  • Character Name
  • Character Gender
  • Character Portrait

Note, in the future Gender choice could be changed to Race/Gender choice. Each race-gender combination requires its own base model, own animations, and own equipment layers. At first I plan to only support two base options: human male and female.

The interesting bit will be choosing a Character Portrait. If you think hard back to Diablo 1 (or look at a few screenshots) you’ll see that the hero sprites have these layers:

  • Hero head or helmet
  • Base full-body armor
  • Main hand weapon
  • Off hand item

The other Diablo 1 equipment slots are not shown (two rings and an amulet) on the hero sprites.

OSARE does not have a helmet slot, and the three jewelry slots are replaced with one Artifact slot. Otherwise the display is the same. Instead of the helmet slot, I will be making a set of head choices (e.g. various skin and hair styles). These heads will match the Fantasy Portraits by Justin Nichol.


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