And next up…

Version 0.11 will likely center around monsters. Now that the hero has Powers, it’s only fair if we get skeletal archers and goblin witch-doctors.

Features coming up soon that will probably go towards 0.11

  • Monsters will have four slots available for powers: physical melee, physical ranged, magical melee, magical ranged
  • Move Powers to config files so they’re easy to alter/add
  • Add A* pathing to help monsters navigate around obstacles
  • Enemies enter combat when their nearby ally enters combat
  • Render a few equipment variations of existing monsters

Anything much further ahead is wildly subject to change, but here’s a rough roadmap to the future. Some of these might be broken into multiple releases.


  • NPC Vendors
  • NPC Dialog
  • Very primitive quests


  • Title Menu
  • Load/Save Game Menu
  • Character Creation Menu

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