First Game World

The first osare-powered game (you’re seeing the beginnings of it in the “Game World” section on this site) will be a generic fantasy hack & slash. I’m using Wu Xing as a vague inspiration for the world layout. Examples follow:


The center of the map has mild environments. The earth temple is guarded by a gold dragon.


The east side of the map is springtime, windy, and heavily forested. The forest temple is guarded by a blue dragon.


The west side of the map is autumn. Perhaps mines, caves, mountains. The metal temple is guarded by a white tiger.


The north side of the map is tundra, frozen, glacial. The ice temple is guarded by a black tortoise.


The south side of the map is hot, summer, desert. The fire temple is guarded by a phoenix.

The ordinal directions can be mixes of these. Northwest (Water + Metal) might be my bridge area. Southwest (Metal + Fire) might be volcanic. Southeast (Fire + Wood) might be tumbleweed badlands. Northeast (Water + Wood) might be swamp/marsh.

Next Update

Working on a side project that’s due on 2010/09/30 so there won’t be OSARE updates this week.

v0.10 is around the corner. Things left to work on:

  • Line of Sight checks on Freeze, Burn, Teleport
  • Items on Action Bar
  • Clicking on Action Bar
  • Adding sound effects for powers

Things that probably will be implemented later:

  • Charge implementation
  • Lore implementation
  • Return implementation
  • Cleave graphic

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