AOE Spells

I added a couple AOE spells, as those are fairly easy to implement: Quake and Burn. Note Quake doesn’t have its Stun component yet.

Also note that these spells are massively overpowered at the moment. I will be changing them so they can only hurt creatures if you have line-of-sight on them. Also I’ll change Burn so that you can only cast it on a location if you have line of sight on that location.

Burn will still be overpowered because of its long range + radius. Right now monsters won’t pursue if you are out of their threat range, even if they get hurt. I will have to modify creature behavior in two ways: (1) if an enemy gets hurt but the hero is out of threat range, pursue anyway; (2) if an enemy gets hurt but the hero is not in line-of-sight, use A* to find the hero.


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