What’s Next for OSARE?

I pushed a lot of new code out this last week. It feels pretty good to sit back and just play the game for a while. I have a hero up to level 6 wearing mostly Warlord (+health) gear. The Skeletal Warriors (level 5) are no longer a real threat. The challenge and fun both feel pretty good so far.

Next up is a major update for gameplay: Action Bar and basic Powers.

The action bar needs to be customizable with Powers (from the Powers menu) and consumables (food/potions from the Powers menu). Essentially all these can be lumped under Powers. Items “effect” entries are essentially item-bound Powers.

So I need a Powers class that handles all the one-off code to deal with all possible powers. Powers each need an icon. Many powers will need data to create Hazards. Instead of planning out all the data I need for these, I probably need to start with simple examples (potions, bow shooting) and figure out what I need just for those.

Some powers will be much harder to implement than others. In particular, the Multishot (fire 3 arrows) and Freeze (sliding ground ice shards) will be tricky. Those are special cases in that they have multiple renderables and need to be balanced so they don’t hurt the same creature multiple times.

When the basic Action Bar, bow/slingshot shooting, and Shock spells are done I will probably pack that up and call it v0.10. At least by then someone who wants to wield Bows and Staffs will have a reason to do so.


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