Gold Coins

The latest check-in has gold coins dropping from creatures/containers. Warning: if you get over 2 billion gold you might end up with negative 2 billion 🙂


The latest Google Code check-in allows respawning. Grab this updated code if you like collecting epic magic items!

Save Game Files

This makes me start to think about Save Game files. I plan on using plaintext save files. This might entice some people to cheat, but how rewarding is it for some young person to edit their own save games and experiment!

What needs to be stored in the save game file:

  • Name
  • Experience
  • Skill points spent (PMOD)
  • Equipped and Carried items (68 slots total plus gold)
  • Action Bar customization (12 slots total)
  • Respawn point (map name and coordinates)
  • Campaign Flags and Quest data
  • Achievement Statistics

Of those, the only implemented features are the items and respawn point. I will be working on gold, experience, leveling, and action bar stuff for 0.09 and at that point a save file makes a lot of sense (and should be easy to do).

I’ve added simple save same support added in the latest check-in. The game is saved to saves/save1.txt. Edit the file if you want to change your hero name (or cheat by giving yourself uber gear). Delete or rename the file if you want to start a new character.


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