Antlion and Goblin

Finally finished animating the old Antlion and Goblin models that have been sitting on my hard drive for a year or so. I will probably add a few new animation sequences later (e.g. the antlion needs his burrowing graphics). This means that half of my bestiary is complete (coincidentally, the half of the list that represent lower level creatures).

These low-poly, untextured models are so easy to create/rig/animate. If I tried to put too many tiny details on the model it would make the in-game renders too noisy. Sometimes I want to stop and instead create incredibly detailed 3D models, but it wouldn’t add much to OSARE and would slow down my current progress. I always have the option of making better graphics later, and I’m sure the graphics of OSARE will improve as I keep making more. One thing that keeps OSARE ticking is that I just try stuff, do what’s fun, and I’m not afraid to just throw something out and redo it.


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