Flare 1.08 is now available for download. This is a small release to patch up a few bugs in 1.07.

The most critical bug from 1.07 was one that caused players to lose unlocked passive powers upon death. In rare cases, this may have resulted in permanently losing power skill points. If you have experienced this, and 1.08 does not fix it, you can try to fix it with the developer console. In the console, enter exec respec=powers to reset your power skill point allocation.




Engine fixes:

  • Fixed sdl_hardware renderer not clearing top/bottom for tall windows.
  • Re-create render context when “ignore_texture_filter” setting changes.
  • Fixed bug where points spent on passive powers would be de-allocated after dying.
  • Prevent upgrading powers with the ‘+’ button while the player is dead.
  • Fix off-by-one error when calculating loot drop rates.

Translation updates:

  • German (de) update (Wuzzy2)
  • French (fr) update (Simon Georges)
  • Scottish Gaelic (gd) update (GunChleoc)
  • Italian (it) update (Fabio Loli)
Flare 1.08

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