Flare 1.02 is now available for download and fixes a few crashes along with some language updates.




Engine features

  • Support multiple campaign statuses for requirements in engine/titles.txt. (Justin Jacobs)

Engine fixes

  • Fix crash on exit caused by not clearing the Hazard queue. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Fix regression that caused a crash when configuring mods in the wrong order. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Fix bug where player title wouldn’t update after “unset_status”. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Fix potential NULL dereference in vendor window. (Justin Jacobs)

Translation updates

  • Scottish Gaelic (gd) update (GunChleoc)
  • Polish (pl) update (Pawonashi)
  • Russian (ru) fix (Igor Paliychuk)
  • Ukranian (uk) update (Микола Франчук)
Flare 1.02

One thought on “Flare 1.02

  • April 8, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    hey there,
    just wanted to say thx !
    I played an earlier version(think the ending area was called averguard) back in 2015 and liked it really really much.. so stoked for playin this, looks like u made a whole u new game aye?
    keep up the good work


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