Flare version 0.96 brings a bunch of new changes since 0.95.03. There is now one week left until the 1.0 release. Please remember to get any new or updated translations to us by March 9th.

Flare 0.96 changelog

  • Engine:
    • Fix allies being able to target dead enemies
    • Add support for optional background image to minimap
    • Fix bug where enemies could remain alive when their HP was 0
    • Changed the default render device to SDLHardwareRenderDevice
    • Do not scale rendering when within the range of virtual heights
    • Fix enemies from continuing to wander when killed in some instances
    • Fix being able to avoid permadeath by exiting
    • Death penalty is now ignored when using permadeath
    • Display a warning dialog when trying to launch multiple instances of Flare
    • Warn of non-existent path when using –data-path command line flag
    • Add “requires_hpmp_state” to Power definitions
    • Game is now paused and muted when minimized
    • German translation updates (Janet Hunt)
    • Android: Default to using fullscreen in order to hide status bar
    • Android: Improvements to user file directory structure
  • Game:
    • Fix typo: Leziath -> Lezaith
    • Fix Underworld Greatstaff not being marked as “Unique” (Vasya)
    • Use cooldown on antlion larva spawn powers to prevent possible bug
    • Add background image to fantasycore minimap
    • Fix missing tileset animation frames
    • Prevent HP/MP potion usage when HP/MP are full
    • Fix map tooltip in Wizard’s Tower: Entrance Hall (Vasya)
    • Hide the unused stealth stat in the character menu
    • Add boss chest artwork (Clint Bellanger)
    • Fix “Treasure Chest” tooltips in Temple of Mez: Entrance
    • Lower prices for potions and scrolls
    • German translation (Janet Hunt)
    • Japanese translation update (sujiniku)

Flare 0.96 downloads

Flare 0.96, one week until 1.0

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