Flare 1.04 is now available for download. It contains a few bug fixes that were overlooked in 1.03.




Engine fixes

  • Fix a regression that caused book text that was not left-aligned to be cut off. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Fix a crash when teleporting to the default position of map with a summoned creature. (Justin Jacobs)

Game changes

  • Fall back to Liberation Sans when fancy fonts lack the appropriate glyphs for the current language. (Justin Jacobs)
  • Fixed translation script not grabbing subtitles from soundfx/subtitles.txt. (Justin Jacobs)

Translation updates

  • Scottish Gaelic (gd) update (GunChleoc)
  • Portuguese (pt) update (Rui)
  • Ukrainian (uk) update (Sergiy Borodych)
Flare 1.04

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