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Additional builds on these platforms thanks to volunteers/fans:

amiga os arch linux Debian Desura Digital Distribution FreeBSD openSUSE Ubuntu


Flare Dev Log - improvements and fixes

Justin sends in this report on Flare engine progress. As we've been creating and porting game data to the latest engine, we've cleaned up a few unhandled glitches.

The Flare devs (who are way better at C++ than I am) are also finishing up an abstraction for all the graphics handling. Flare is no longer limited to SDL1.2 -- it can be ported to work with other 2D frameworks without having to gut the entire codebase.


Developer Log - Books

Justin's back with a Flare engine development update!

  • Adaptive frameskipping
  • Menu config file simplification
  • Removed remaining hardcoded sound effects
  • File parser refactoring
  • Books!


Art: Return Stones

If you've already played the alpha demo you're familiar with the two-way teleporter circles used for the Warp Zone. Today I worked on an accompanying piece of art that will be used for one-way warps. As an example, you may find this stone after a boss fight and it can be used to skip back to the beginning of the dungeon.

animated glowing stone obelisk view 1 animated glowing stone obelisk view 2


Developer Log

Flare developer Justin talks about some new improvements -- context sensitive mouse cursors and better handling of missing items.


Flare developer log

Flare developer Justin recorded this progress update on Engine development! We're especially excited about the features that make mod handling easier. Check out the latest update in this video: