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Character Classes and Titles

Flare doesn't use a strict class system. On character creation there are five choices for starting class, but these are essentially default ways to buy level 1 equipment, attributes, and powers:

  • Brute: +1 Physical, starts with Dagger and Blood Strike
  • Adept: +1 Mental, starts with Wand and Shock
  • Scout: +1 Offense, starts with Slingshot and Piercing Shot
  • Keeper: +1 Defense, starts with Wooden Buckler and Heal
  • Wanderer: no points spent, starts with extra gold

I've intentionally renamed these starting classes to reflect a low level of power. I've gone in and created three entire tiers of titles that reflect the power a character gains as she grows.

AttributeLevel 1Level 5Level 9
Physical OffenseKnaveRogueAssassin
Physical DefenseSquireKnightLord
Mental OffenseSlingerStrikerTempest
Mental DefenseShepherdClericHigh Priest
Physical MentalSparkbladeBattle MageBattle Archmage
Offense DefenseWatchWardenHigh Warden

In addition there are two end-level titles. At level 12 a hero would have three attributes maxed and receive the title Master. At level 16 a hero would have all four attributes maxed and receive the title Grand Master.